KAE DO Self-Defense

Fighting, Fitness, Strength, Stamina and much more.

KAE DO Self-Defense refers to systems of self defense that focus exclusively on reality based self defense scenarios and conditions. Unlike combat sports and traditional martial arts styles, does not contain any hobby, tournaments or competition techniques. KAE DO Self-Defense is meant to teach you to apprehend risk situation in order to avoid them and in case you’ll in a threat situation we’ll teach you how to adequately.

KAE DO Self-Defense system is focused specifically on pragmatic solutions to modern day problems and includes the following broadly related perspectives:

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Communicative
  • Emotional
  • Tactical
  • Legal
  • Moral

KAE DO Self-Defense addresses the three distinct stages of human conflict. They include:

  • Pre Conflict Stage
  • Conflict Stage
  • Post Conflict Stage

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  • Master David Chenut
    20 years experience

  • Jean Dahou
    5 years experience


Needed items

  • KAE DO uniform

  • protection gear

  • training items