KAE DO SecuriTac

Skills, intelligence, communication, problem solving and much more.

A security officer should be skilled and intelligent when it comes to self defense It doesn’t matter where he/she works; the important thing is that he/she should have better and proper tactics for self defense A guard must always be prepared to meet and challenge his opponent at anytime. This occupation requires a security guard to train continuously so that they can be physically and mentally fit. To ensure their safety, guards need to prepare in advanced before and incident takes place.

KAE DO programms are specially design for the different needs of security professionals:

We offer the following courses/modules:

  • professional ethics
  • legislation
  • risk analysis
  • reality based self-defense
  • defense against weapons
  • Pepperspray
  • Tonfa (PR24)
  • Telescopic stick
  • Role play/video debriefing
  • crisis management

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  • Master David Chenut
    20 years experience

  • Jean Dahou
    5 years experience


Needed items

  • complete uniform

  • protection gear

  • training items